Our Educators

Shannen Kid's tutors are extremely compassionate and enthusiastic about your kid's development. We assure you that our exceptionally skilled tutors will transform every day in your kid's life into an extraordinary day. Our tutors are coached to create a secure atmosphere in class and help your loved ones feel at ease with their presence in Shannen Kid's.

The basic human values that our tutors teach the kids' are "Always live with Happiness that comes from resilience, Courage that comes from knowledge about truth and Wisdom that comes to the true seeker of knowledge!" These values may sound a bit too heavy to assimilate considering that they are just small kids, but the potency of kids is unbelievable and we have the experience on how to inculcate the right virtues in their minds. Our tutors have gained outstanding skills that help them to communicate with kids through words as well as gestures. These skills allow our tutors to be assertive while being receptive and reactive at same time.

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