Age Group: 3 + Years

Teacher Child ration - 20:1

Nursery at Shannen kids helps children to smoothly proceed towards concept learning which focuses on developing language skills, numeric skills, logical reasoning and scientific exploration. Each child's learning ability is closely monitored by experienced facilitators.

In all the centres of Shannen Kids the learning ecosystem is divided into different learning zones. These zones provide experiences that focus on developing different skills in order to prepare children for future academic success and holistic growth.

Nursery Daily routine

  • Welcome
  • Prayer and Routine Circle time
  • Introduction of concept
  • Fine motor learning / prewriting skills
  • Snack time
  • Story Time / Music & Movement / Puppet Show / Reading time/ Audio Visual/ Role Play
  • Indoor free play with puzzles / Outdoor free play
  • Hands on activity / creative activities
  • Revision of concept
  • Dispersal
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