Why Shannenkid's


  • Positive emotions enhance memory
    We ensure that children are always happy, smiling and joyous at Shannen Kids.
  • Our bodies release harmful chemicals under stress
    These chemicals are not good for the brain. So no threats, punishments or excessive competitions at Shannen Kids. Every child is a winner.
  • Diet activates memory
    We have a daily menu for SNACK TIME. And no wafers, or soft drinks at Shannen Kids...
  • Learning about something within a meaningful context increases memory
    At Shannen Kids children touch, see, feel and learn.
  • Novelty boosts memory
    Puppets and other fun aids are used by mentors at Shannen Kids.
  • Small muscle exercise stimulate brain growth
    Scissoring activities, sand play and water play are important activities at Shannen Kids.
  • Cross lateral movements keep both sides of the brain working
    Balancing, creeping, crawling and climbing are a part of the everyday activities at Shannen Kids.
  • Memory increases by revisiting information frequently
    Every topic is taught in multiple styles at Shannen Kids such as dramas, stories, puppets, worksheets and projects.
  • Aromas and colors also stimulate mental alertness and memory
    All our activity rooms have aroma fresheners and each activity rooms is a visual treat of pictures and colors at Shannen Kids.
  • Exercise boosts brain power
    Music and movement, parachute play and outdoor activities are part of the everyday activities at Shannen Kids.
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