We At Shannenkid's Believe That Alliances Are An Integral Part Of Contemporary Strategic Businesses. We Always Look Out For Good Business Partners Who Can Share Our Vision And Passion.

  • Q. How much Investment is needed to start a Shannenkid's Pre-School?

    The Investment would range between INR 3.5 Lacs to INR 5.0 Lacs depending upon the location and area chosen.

  • Q. When is the Franchise fee payable?

    Franchise fees are paid at the time of signing of the agreement.

  • Q. Do I need to own the property or can even start on leased/ rented property?

    Yes we would like to associate with the person who has his own property as we believe that making our business partner invest in someone else property would not make business sense.

  • Q. How much area is needed to start a Mother's Pride Pre-School?

    A minimum of 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq.ft. area is required.

  • Q. Do I need certain qualification to become your Franchise?

    The basic qualification to be a Shannenkid's franchise is that you should love Kids & be passionate to run this business with a long term vision. As far as educational qualification is concerned you should at least be a graduate.

  • Q. Is it necessary to form a trust or society for running Shannenkid's Pre-School?

    For a play school it is not mandatory that you should form a trust or society you can run a preschool under proprietorship, partnership firm or can form a company.

  • Q. I already own a preschool can I convert it to Shannenkid's?

    Yes, it is absolutely possible to get a running play school converted to Shannenkid's provided you meet our minimum requirements.

  • Q. Will you help in recruitment of my faculty and their training?

    Yes, we do help our partners in recruitment & training of the key persons.

  • Q. Where is the training held?

    Training is held at one of the many designated Shannenkid's branch.

  • Q. How long is the franchise agreement valid for?

    Agreement is valid for 3 years and can be subsequently renewed thereafter.

  • Q. After signing the agreement how long will it take to start actual operations?

    It usually varies between 30-60 days for infrastructure development, orientation and set up depending upon the proposed site.

  • Q. Would you provide specification for building/renovation of the school?

    Yes we have certain guidelines for the construction & design of the school.

  • Q. Would the company decide the fee charged from the parent or am I free to decide on my own?

    We would help to decide the fees as per mutual understanding with proper survey of the area.

  • Q. Do you help in marketing?

    Shannenkid's is constantly engaged in brand building activities. We would be doing national level marketing activities but the local activities need to be undertaken by the concern franchise. Yes at times we would be guiding you what activities you should do in your area.

  • Q. Do you provide leaning kits to students?

    Yes we do provide kits for every student at a nominal cost.

  • Q. Is it mandatory to purchase equipment from the company for setting the school?

    We would be giving you the list of equipment that would be necessary to run the school along with the list of vendors. You are free to source this equipment from any other vendor without compromising the quality.

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