Site Specifications

For SHANNEN KIDS Preschool you will require

  • A minimum of 1500 sq. feet carpet area with outdoor of about similar or more area
  • Ground floor premises; preference will be given to independent houses
  • Property with Good frontage & Reasonable rental rates too.
  • Lease arrangement for the tenure of 3 yrs of agreement
  • To be situated in a residential area and not on a busy traffic road

Franchisee Profile

We are looking for committed partners who will help us carry forward our ambition of making learning a fun experience for kids. You must have:

  • A college degree
  • A keen interest in education services
  • A love for working with young kids
  • Reasonable financial resources

If you possess the above you too can be part of this rewarding experience by becoming a SHANNENKIDS franchisee. We bet you'll have as much fun earning, as kids will have learning!

Terms Of Franchise

  • The initial agreement is for a tenure of three (3) years
  • Option to renew for another term of three (3) years, under mutual agreement
  • Student kit will be provided by franchisor only.
  • The franchisee fee varies between INR 99,000 to INR 150,000 for the term of initial agreement of three (3) years.

Financial Data

To start a SHANNENKIDS franchise, an estimated sum of INR 500,000 to INR 600,000 will be required. This sum will cover expenses for:

  • Franchisee fees
  • Ambiance as per standardized design
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Equipments and educational material
  • Initial Marketing Expense & other Miscellaneous Expenses.

However, this sum does not include pre operating expenses such as rental and staff costs.

Our Support System

Shannenkid's will provide all sorts of support to franchisee to make the venture profitable at earliest. With our support system it would be very easy for every franchisee to operate Shannen Kids Preschool in their respective areas.

Our Ongoing Support

We, at Shannenkid's will provide constant ongoing support to each & every franchisee. Dedicated contact person will be at the Shannenkid's Head office to answer all your queries.

Our Ongoing Support includes :

  • Educational Content like Curriculum, Teaching Methodology,
  • Administration Support for admin and finance support.
  • Inputs to franchisee to maintain the quality of the center.
  • Inputs for various kinds of marketing campaigns.
  • To arrange periodic training for center in charge to keep him/her updated.
  • Event support for occasions such as Annual Day & other Celebration too.
  • National support : Social media, national presence in exhibition and print media.

WE also support on following matters too...

Infrastructure Development

  • To help in finalization of the Preschool Premise.
  • To provide design document for the Class rooms and Center too.
  • To help in set up the preschool in all manner.

Pre-School Ambience support

  • Safe, secure and clean environment.
  • Color scheme.
  • Complete guidance on furniture/fixtures.
  • Supply of equipment and toys for outdoor play area (Cost bear by the franchisee).

Initial Marketing

  • We provide brochure, leaflets & other Marketing documents design.
  • We also help in formation of marketing strategy.
  • We also suggest the different & useful tools of marketing.

Research and Development

  • Curriculum & Activities.
  • Latest industry updates.
  • Competitive strategy development.
  • Improving day-to-day working with automation and IT tools
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